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Eco & Nature
Experience the most extraordinarily coastline halfway between Cape Town and the Cederburg. On the map it is the extreme westerly protruding feature along the coastline - 90 minutes north of Cape Town International Airport.

Two small mountain heads stand guard over the shipping moving between the bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The rugged coastline blessed with nine small peninsular-like etchings, extends north along amazing coves such as Tabak Bay, Jacobs Bay, Trekoskraal, Tieties Bay, Paternoster, Britannia Bay, Stompneusbaai and St Helena Bay.

From Postberg to the south stretches a 17km long peninsula that protects the tranquil jade-colored saltwater lagoon from the fury of the Atlantic Ocean and the cold waters of the Benguela current. The southern section of this lagoon is surrounded by the West Coast National Park, which borders a magnificent 16-mile beach, stretching all the way to Yzerfontein. The Lagoon was shaped by the rise and fall of sea levels during prehistoric times (this is quite unlike typical lagoons, which form where fresh water enters the sea). The basis of the Lagoon ecosystem originates from the depths of the ocean with the ocean currents, wind and sun, all working together. The cold Benguela current that flows up the West Coast brings nutrient rich water from the Antarctic. A combination of the ocean current and prevailing south easterly winds, results in a phenomenon know as “up-welling”. This up-welling forces nutrients (consist of decomposed matter from the seabed) to be brought up to the surface along the shoreline. The daily change in the tides brings this nutrient rich water into the Lagoon.

The West Coast is well known for the annual display of wild flowers that seem to burst into sight almost out of nowhere. Most people associate the “flower season” with the months of August and September and while these months are a good time to view the flowers, many times the best flowers are already in bloom by the end of July and depending on the weather conditions, flowers can even be seen during early October. The Cape West Coast Peninsula Rainbow Flower Celebration therefore takes place from July right through to September and covers town of Langebaan, Hopefield, Saldanha, Vredenburg, St Helena Bay, Paternoster, Jacobs Bay and Britannia Bay. All our lovely West Coast Villages are not more than 2 hours drive from Cape Town – there is definitely no need to drive for hours before you see the wild flowers!

The Hopefield Fynbos show in August is an event not to be missed. No less than 200 species from the renosterveld, sandveld, rietveld and wetland areas of the Hopefield district are displayed. The appearance (and disappearance) of the wild flowers is dependent on many factors, but mostly on the amount and frequency of the rains and then the start of the warm berg winds. Flowers start to bloom from the north and then spread to the south as the weather becomes warmer. The flowers are at their best during the hottest time of the day (from 11am to 3pm). It is no use to set off early in the morning as most flowers will only open at temperatures of 17 degrees or higher and with the sun shining. If it is a cold, overcast or rainy day, they will not open at all. Once open, the flowers follow the sun as it rises and sets each day, so for the best display and photo opportunities, make sure the sun is behind you!

The West Coast national Park, situated on the banks of the Langebaan Lagoon is a very popular flower viewing destination. The official Park flower season is from 1 August until 30 September when the protected area of Postberg within the park is open to the public. The gates also remain open longer during these dates.

The beauty of the Cape West Coast Peninsula during flower season is like nothing you have experienced before. Come and celebrate with us!

The Cape West Coast Peninsula lies between two internationally recognized Important Bird Areas (IBAs) - The West Coast National Park and The Lower Berg River Wetlands. Birders will delight in the many special birds to spot from habitats including mountain, coastal, river and estuarine and of course a host of waders. Birding Information Brochures and Birding checklists are available to enhance the visitors birding experience.


West Coast Flower Season
The West Coast is getting ready for Flower & Whale Season, and with steady amounts of rain over the past few weeks it is expected that this year will be an exceptional one!

Langebaan Lagoon Celebration
Free family friendly festival in Langebaan on 1 & 2 May 2015 in Bree Street and Main Beach area.

Langebaan Lagoon Celebration 2015
A fun, family festival brought to you by Langebaan locals. The event is free of charge with lots to do for young and old!

Mykonos Festival 2015
Mykonos Resort and Casino will be hosting a week long festival from 3 - 12 October 2015 with great live Music, Family fun, Competitions and BIG PRIZES to be won.

The West Coast will be hosting a Craft Beer Festival on 5 & 6 October in Langebaan! Join us for a weekend of sunshine and laughter with local beers and amazing food!

Mothers day at Boesmanland Farm Kitchen
Spoil your Mother with a home cooked special meal at the extraordinary Boesmanland Farm Kitchen! Value for money!

Langebaan Lagoon Celebration 2013
A showcase of Langebaan and all it has to offer, the Langebaan Lagoon Celebration 2013 will take place on 20 and 21 April.

St Helenabaai Seefees
Come and enjoy the West Coast beauty of St Helena Bay at our annual Seefees!

Langebaan Lagoon Crossing
On 24 (or 25) March 2012, the 3rd Annual Langebaan Lagoon Crossing will be held, where participants will cross the Langebaan Lagoon from Shark Bay to Kraal Bay using muscle power alone. Although planned as an open water swim, swimming aids, kayaks, paddle boards, surf boards and any other more original methods are allowed and encouraged. Maximum fun, environmental awareness and safety remain the main themes of the 2012 event.

Heritage & Tourism Day: 24 September 2014
This year we combine National Heritage Day & World Tourism Day on Wednesday 24 September in the beautiful coastal town of Saldanha Bay. Explore all the magic it has to offer!

Langebaan Lagoon Celebration 2014
Langebaan Lagoon Celebration 2014 full program for this free event on the West Coast, Langebaan

West Coast Youth Orchestra
All proceeds will go towards the purchase of musical instruments for the students from PDA areas.

Join the SBTO team at their Tourism Head Office on the Corner of Piet Retief and Main Road, Vredenburg on World Tourism Day 2013

St Helenabaai See Fees
St Helena Bay is hosting their first SEE FEES on Friday 28 December in Sandy Point Harbour. EVERYONE is invited!

Paternoster Seafood Festival
Come and experience Paternoster like you have never seen it before!

Langebaan Lagoon Celebration
Langebaan is going to be buzzing on the last weekend in March! We live in one of the most incredible places on the planet, and it is time to celebrate all that we have.


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