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Shelley Point Hotel, Spa & Country Club tel 022 742 1508 Dolphin and Whale Watching tel 022 742 1944 / 1202 Vasco da Gama Monument tel 022-7362374


Bay of many bays

ST HELENA BAY ?THE BAY OF BAYSEighteen bays, stunning sea viewsand sparkling surf make St Helena Bay a very special destination. Fed by thenutrient-rich Benguela Current, it is one of the world?s prime fishing areasand its waters provide a valuable livelihood to many locals. The main harbourat Sandy Point bustles with activity and shipbuilders and fishermen rubshoulders as they go about their daily work.?During the 15th century,navigators seeking the route to the East explored this shoreline in search offresh water, most notably being Vasco da Gama who landed here in 1497 and namedit Bahai da Santa Elena.?Imposing granite boulders providea stunning backdrop to the town and beautiful, unspoilt and long white beacheshug the shoreline; walkers and beachcombers delight in exploring the area.Endemic Heaviside?s dolphins, as well as dusky and common dolphins visit thebay in search of food, and the calm waters give shelter to the southern rightwhales that come to mate and calve in the second half of the year. Humpback andkiller whales are also frequent visitors.?St Helena Bay is a birdwatcher?sparadise and being at the southernmost point of the migratory route from Europeand the Steppes of Russia makes it a must-visit spot for twitchers.?The actualbay of St Helena stretches from Dwarskersbos in the north, past Shelley Pointpeninsula, to Cape St Martin in the west ? traversing a total of 18 bays withintriguing names such as Hannasbaai and Vioolbaai and each with its own uniqueattractions much favoured by yachtsmen and canoeists. Surfers ride the wavesof?heaven? and ?hell? off Shelley Point when the heavy Atlantic swells roll in.?After good winter rains, the veldcomes alive with the vibrant colours of spring flowers. Combine this with the opportunityto enjoy the local women?s sleight of hand as they ?vlek snoek? in the harbour- fascinating to watch - and their cultural heritage and quirky, humorousvernacular is quite intriguing.?The summer months are all aboutwatersports and rock lobster (known locally as crayfish), whereas autumn is aspecial time of calm, idyllic weather ? the ?secret season? ? making St HelenaBay an all-year-round destination for outdoor and nature lovers and an idealbase for exploring outlying areas.


St Helena Bay Information Centre

Telephone: 022 7362374
Shop 7A Swemmer Park, Centre St Helena Bay (on main entrance road), 7390
Tuesday - Friday 09h00-17h00 Saturday, Public Holidays (Excluding Christmas, Good Friday and New Years Day) 09h00-14h00


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Experience the most extraordinarily coastline halfway between Cape Town and the Cederburg. On the map it is the extreme westerly protruding feature along the coastline - 90 minutes north of Cape Town International Airport.



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