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Tougomenkrant Crafts

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Tougomenkrant meaning in English Rope glue and newspaper name combined.

All products are handmade and made out of rope, glue and newspaper.

The heart of the baskets lays in the unique rolling of the newspaper, folding, glueing and tying it with rope.

The finishing touches are also unique and the blending of colors is an time-consuming work of art and take sometimes two or three days to make.

Every basket or craft piece has it's own character and is one of a type.

All other crafts ideas come to life from Tougomenkrant and are handmade out of unwanted materials.  Items made include placemats, newspaper roses, runners, candle holders, business card holders and much more.

For any information, enquiries and quotes on our products, please cotact Deon on 074 6042 042. 



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Cell: 0746042042
De Palm Lifestyle Centre, St Helena Bay ,


Cultural & Heritage
The region is rich in history which has resulted in the unique blend of cultures encountered today. The West Coast was inhabited by Khoi tribes which included the Hottentots, Bushmen, and the Strandlopers who are now know as the Khoisan.



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